Making Sense of Sensing Technology
Future of Embedded Electronics with Sensors through Connected Intelligence


People find intelligent devices increasingly relevant to their lives and are inspired by the possibilities of the connected world. The more that people are involved with sensor-based applications, the better a city can understand the reality of what’s going on, in terms of what people really want rather than what city government thinks its citizens want. “It’s a way to capture the pulse of the city.”

“Never before was there so much information available and accessible. We cannot imagine life without technology anymore. Both new and existing technologies are dominant drivers for our future.

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It is dedicated to provide innovative solutions that enable citizens to visualize, monitor, manage & optimize their environments to improve quality of life & reduce environmental impact.

Garbarian” Embedded Sensors Solutions are tiny electronic devices that capture and stream data over linked networks to a computing/mobile device to monitor and analyze it. Effective use of modern sensors technology & integration approach as about the physics of measurement.

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Garbarian’s making sense of sensor technology with human like intelligence use’s sensor-embedded platform enabled with Mobile application. Envision low-energy Bluetooth as a kind of connective tissue for generating easily accessible data on everything from air pollution levels, ambience noise Mapping & Many more.

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Intelligent Crowd - Technology Inspired by Solution !