About Us

Garbarian is brain child of an ITU Young Innovator, focuses on enabling sensor technology & solutions with the aim to become a globally recognized name in embedded sensor platform with human like intelligence. Its focus on platform technology development, embedded application & solution with cloud and mobile applications, aims to make sensors network indispensable. Garbarian is a platform for state-of-the-art ideas and digital creativity…!

The idea reflects the works perfectly. It aims to innovate that forecast the fresh thinking and able to work for the technologies. The start-up innovators help you get the real world solutions to your real world problems so that the future can be transformed and made better.

Garbarian is intelligence. Its focuses, empowering sensor technology on embedded platform with human like intelligence providing the perfect and real world solutions, connecting – unconnected.

Garbarian aims to emphasis on followings.

  • Platform technology development
  • Embedded application
  • Solution with cloud and mobile applications

As billions of sensors can be found worldwide, Garbarian as young innovator, trying their best to stamp out some of the world’s most unyielding complications by improved, creative and better understanding of things and answers to questions that helps to know how the world operates.

The Garbarian ultimate purpose is to create sensor network, indispensable & aims to provide services that contains,

• Creativity. Innovation. Technology.

We promises to innovate & deliver the needs as well as we promise to provide imaginative and fresh technology solutions which transmute services, make the most of on digital convergence to increase benefit in addition to this it help to more successfully manage all the operational costs so that we all can live in a better tomorrow.

A range of potentially powerful business and consumer applications is arriving on the scene daily. To develop embedded digital devices that communicate all the way back to the smart computing technologies and apps that help make decisions based on the information delivered by connected devices. A true experience isn’t being able to connect devices to the web, but building a service based on connectivity.