Innovating Tomorrow


Wireless energy-harvesting mechanism to power-on and sustain embedded microcontroller-based sensing operations using ambient wireless digital-TV signals. Such a self-powering platform to power on embedded sensors make it highly suitable for applications of environmental sensing where the logistics of battery replacement prove to be expensive or inaccessible.

Ambient RF energy as a power source for outdoor sensor nodes has an advantage in that it is typically available at all hours of the day and night.

Solution for tomorrow, If we DROP an empty bottle or Medicines in the trash bin, it will recognize the bar code, magnetic strip and alert the agencies / manufacturer, informing that it has been consumed & need refilling or Re-Issue or Re- Order. Slating to build up & implement for Critical Medicines & life saving drug for the status available in a hospital/ Dispensary. It will help ageing people to live smarter in smart city environment

Public Wastes automatically collected via underground, pneumatic tubes — taking trash off the roads with ample opportunities for recycling. Such a system’s high capital costs will require high densities something that Indian cities already possess.

SMART Pneumatic Waste Collection: The System provided inhabitants with trash/waste collection solutions that operate 24 Hours a Days, 365 Days a year without having to bring Waste truck into the city.

Further step to enhance the application, Presently, Industry monitor & report all their industrial waste manually, In place of that they can install sensors with application to keep informed civic agencies about effluents emissions. It will monitor effluents discharged in water and emission on air

Remote sensing solutions for garbage sites in your distributed network system to be able to watch the current situation of garbage sites at remote location.