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Garbarian’s making sense of sensor technology with human like intelligence use’s sensor-embedded platform enabled with Mobile application. Envision low-energy Bluetooth as a kind of connective tissue for generating easily accessible data on everything from air pollution levels, ambience noise Mapping & Many more.

  • Internet-connected sensors embedded in the bins, collection frequency is determined by bin capacity alone rather than fixed collection schedules.
  • Garbage is collected using sensor-enhanced bins.
  • Making the trash bin the next smart connected product
  • Sensors and lights to indicate when trash and recycling bins are full
The Smart Trash Bins are far from the only “green” feature of this design.


Public waste bins are taken off of street corners and put into street lamp post where they can’t be tipped over or stolen. City sanitation workers have special key cards that allow them to open the compartment and empty the bin inside.


The bins are color-coded to tell citizens which type of refuse goes in each bin. Of course, public recycling bins are hardly ever effective, since people seem to throw their garbage into whatever receptacle they happen to be near at the moment.

Sensor to create Smart Cities using a distributed network of intelligent sensor nodes, on open-source hardware to pollution at a street level to optimizing the lighting on major roads and public offices or creating noise maps & the location of parking spaces for efficient city management.