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People find intelligent devices increasingly relevant to their lives and are inspired by the possibilities of the connected world.

The next computing revolution is about to happen. We will equip persons and everyday objects with networked embedded devices able to sense from individuals and the surrounding context, and to act on the environment to accomplish complex high-level goals. Sensor networks are expected to play a critical role in the next computing revolution

The more that people are involved with sensor-based applications, the better a city can understand the reality of what’s going on, in terms of what people really want rather than what city government thinks its citizens want.

“Never before was there so much information available and accessible. We cannot imagine life without technology anymore. Both new and existing technologies are dominant drivers for our future.

Sensing & monitoring of data empower people to make better decisions in real time
People will play an important role in the future of cities. “I believe that people will be the key actors in sensing, five to 10 years from now,”

“The next stage will be based on bottoms-up sharing of data instead of top-down sensing as it���s now done in many cities.” Effective use of modern sensor technology can be as much about integration approach as about the physics of measurement.

It’s easy to see how technology and the data centers behind it all are significantly changing our lives. With the number of connected devices now outnumbering the world’s population, it looks Connected Sensors is no longer just a vision—it’s now reality.